Ms. Cicero

Bethany Cicero

Reading Support Specialist


[email protected]   


B.A. in Education
Oakland University

November 2017

One of my greatest strengths as a teacher is the level of devotion and compassion I have for my students. In my role as a reading teacher, I work to actively engage students on every level, and I strive to push and aid them in developing their talents in the classroom and the real world. I have enjoyed my current position reading and growing with students at Oxford Elementary School since 2017.

In the past, I have taught in a school that believes in the SEM (School-Wide Enrichment Model) and have had the opportunity to work alongside students in developing their academic goals and helping them to achieve their academic dreams in my classroom in Salt Lake City, Utah.

I believe that a positive classroom climate is essential for all children to learn and develop in the most effective ways. It is crucial to design an environment where children excel because they are not afraid to fail and are encouraged to learn through the creation and maintenance of rapport with the teacher and classmates. 

I'm lucky enough to be a part of Team O as a staff member as well as a parent! I am married and have two boys who attend Oxford Community Schools. I love running with my dog, Moose, and spending time outdoors with my family and friends.