We are gearing up for our Fifth Grade Exhibition! 

Students are currently on the look out for "What Matters" to them. Sometimes we call these Hot Topics, Issues, Passions, etc. but whatever we call them, they are the things that happen in the world that make us care, wonder, and want to do something! Students are collecting ideas for what they may want to investigate during Exhibition. They are "Living Wide Awake" and being inquirers when they read, watch the news, talk with friends and family, and think about the world.

Our Fifth Grade Exhibition Unit falls under the "How We Express Ourselves" unit.

Our central idea for Exhibition isPeople creatively express their beliefs on global and local issues by informing others and taking action.

Exhibition Roles:

  • Students-Students will participate in selecting a real-life issue or problem for the exhibition and develop the inquiry by helping to decide on a central idea, lines of inquiry, and student questions. They will carry out open-ended inquiry into the topic and use a variety of materials such as first hand experiences, interviews, surveys, field trips, books, and internet resources. Throughout the exhibition they will demonstrate the IB Learner Profiles, the five essential elements of the PYP (knowledge, concepts, skills, attitude, and action), as well as demonstrate academic honesty when referring to their sources of information. They will communicate effectively with teachers, peers, and parents and present their learning to the school community. Students will also reflect on the components and processes of the exhibition and carry-out self and peer assessments.
  • Mentors-Mentors will be needed to work with student groups. Most of the mentor work can be done online through the school's Haiku site. Mentors will be arranged and finalized in February 2013 with a training provided at Oxford Elementary School. The mentor will help the students set and meet goals by asking them questions, suggesting resources, and helping to facilitate interviews or phone calls. They will meet with or comment on the students' Haiku group page on a weekly basis or as needed. They will give feedback to students and teachers and help in the planning of action and preparing for the presentation. If you are interested in being a mentor, please contact your child's teacher or the IB Coordinator at rita.flynn@oxfordschools.org  Unfortunately, due to the nature of the work, we are asking that parents do not serve as mentors to their own child's group.
  • Parents/Guardians-Parents are asked to help support and encourage students and teachers throughout the process of inquiry by staying informed and encouraging inquiry. They may be asked to help their child access resources and give feedback on the exhibition process. Parents may also help and serve as experts for subject knowledge if needed. The ultimate goal is for parents to encourage their child to be an independent inquirer and help them celebrate by attending the Exhibition Presentation.